Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 cap

I got a little slack with the blog the last few months so here's how the rest of the season panned out. MRA ended on an ok note with 3rd in Open Endurance, 4th in Open Supersport and 10th in ROR GTO. 

After the MRA season ended I decided to go to Miller Motorsports Park and race the last round of the USBA season. Got there Friday evening and stayed with my friend Shane Turpin and got up to rain Saturday morning. Practiced all morning in the rain and got the bike all set up and working great only to get ran into from behind in the first race by an overzealous kid who had never races in the rain before. I dislocated my shoulder but didn't know it at the time and packed up and went home. Shane really looked out for us the rest of the time we were in Utah and I can't thank him and his wife Dawn enough. Two weeks later I got in with the specialist and found out the shoulder was dislocated and they put me under and put it back in place. I've been rehabbing it ever since. Prob be another month or two before I can get back on a bike. 
I'll try to stay on top of the blog a little better. 

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