Sunday, September 5, 2010


Back at HPR for round 6, August 28th and 29th. So after seeing me pretty frustrated by my performance and lap times the previous weekend, Lacy as and anniversary/very early Xmas gift got me 2 hours of coaching on the Friday practice day before the race weekend by Shane Turpin! Stoked! He followed me around and shot video of me fucking up and then we wend into the pits and watched it and he showed me the things I was doing really wrong and were I could improve. Now I had a mission! I started working on things and it was beginning to show, I ran 1:55s in practice which was the fastest I'd run in the race the last weekend and I was on shot tires! Then in the endurance race I think my brain got the best of me. I was super tense trying to get everything right and was making more mistakes than ever. The lap times were slower than in practice! Super disappointed! So for Sunday I knew I had to relax and just smooth things out and the times would be there. Practice felt good. Middleweight Superbike came and after a so-so start I ended up chasing Cromer and Rick Gross (and having to catch them at that). I ended up finishing in 11th, but I ran a 1:52.9!! WAY faster than ever before! So now I'm stoked! I got ready for AmU by just relaxing and stretching. I got to start from pole position because I'm first in the points (only by 1 point). I knew I need a really good start because getting around guys like Cromer and Tony Ross is REALLY FUCKING HARD! I got the hole shot and was the first one through turn 1. Best start I've ever had! I was able to stretch out a decent lead and let the guys behind fight for position. I ran 1:55 from a dead stop! I led the first 5 laps and then Tony Ross caught me... FUCK! I kept the pressure on him and stayed right on his rear wheel so I could capitalize on any mistake he made. God he's fast! But he looked a little squirly in places, so I just stayed on him. On the last lap we got to the top of the hill entering the chicane before the line and Tony went in really hot, he totally rushed the entrance, I was ready to try my hardest to get him coming out because my line in was right on, then he pushed the front and crashed. I had the win! Tony wasn't hurt and I just landed my first victory! God it felt so good! It still does! And to top it off I'm now 14 points ahead in the championship!

Anyway, I want to thank first and foremost Lacy for the awesome gift, I don't think I'd have won without it. Second Shane for the awesome coaching and advice worth it's weight in gold! Fish, Swift, and the Wolf Brigade, Rob and the Lithium guys for the tire and suspension help, and Applehans for being a grouch, THANK YOU!!! I can't wait for Pueblo on the 18th and 19th!!

Sorry, I'm a slacker! Rounds 4 and 5.

So, I got a little slack with the blog updates... sorry.
Round 4 was a Pueblo Motorsports Park on July 10th and 11th. The track was bumpy as hell and is kinda falling apart. Saturday I got 2nd in Heavyweight Endurance. And on Sunday I got 5th in AmU and 12th in Middleweight Superbike. Pretty good weekend, I definitely ran faster than I've ever run at Pueblo, so progress.

Round 5 was back at HPR on July 31st and Aug 1st. Saturday we had that 4 hour Endurance race that go shortened to 3 hours from the hour long shit show that was NovU earlier in the day. Fish went over the handlebars and caused the first red flag and then there was a second red flat on the second re-start due to another pile up. That race was nuts to watch. So the Wolf Brigade entered the 4 hour, now 3, hour endurance race with a four man team, Chris, Swift, Fish and me. We came in 12th, I had some mechanical problems with my chain and rear sprocket. No big deal, I had it sorted for Sunday. Sunday came I got 12th in Middleweight Superbike and 3rd in AmU. But I was gifted that 3rd by Grubbs and Jarret taking each other out. I was pretty disappointed in my lap times and performance in general. The wife noticed and did something pretty spectacular for the next round...