Thursday, September 3, 2009

Few pics from the Saturday races Aug. 29 2009

Few pics from the Saturday races...
Into turn 2.
Round the outside???

Holding off Mr. Snyder.

He chased me down the whole heavyweight supersport race, made one pass, but I got him back in turn 8 and he was on my ass the whole rest of the race but somehow I managed to hold him off. He pushed me into the 1:58s so I was stoked. It was a super fun race! Hard work, he's fast!

Thanks to my buddy from work who would like to remain nameless for the pics!

Pics from the trackday Aug 9, 2009. The whole brigade!

The whole fucking wolf brigade!

The wife helping out.

Hot laps

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009 season recap...

Ok, so 2009 was kind of a shit storm...
First race of the season in heavyweight endurance I get plowed into and eat total shit at the top of third gear coming out of turn 3. I go down and slide and roll for what seamed like forever and when I finally stop I get up to walk and my ankle is killing me... that's because it's broken. Then to top it all off my left thumb wont stay in place because all the ligaments in the bottom joint are torn... awesome.

So miss 3 rounds, the double header at Hastings and the first round ever at High Planes. Anyway, I come back to race the next race at Pueblo, enter a bunch of different classes because hey, my points chase is now long gone! So I pretty much spend the rest of the season just having fun and working on my riding. The best finish I had all year (after starting in the back row from a second wave) was a 7th in AmU at Pueblo. I got to ride High Planes a bunch and watch my lap times steadily come down, so I'm pretty happy about that. All in all it was fun and sucked all in the same season. Here's a few more pics from the remainder of the season, most from HPR. Dig the sick western stache I grew for my brothers wedding and kept for a little while....

I'll have some more pics from the last round coming... Thanks to everyone who helped me out this season on and off the track, you know who you are...