Monday, June 20, 2011

Cool Pic

Here's a really cool pic that John Chadwick took at round 3 in the afternoon when the clouds were rolling in. He did a little work on it too. Thanks John!

Round 3, HPR, June 11-12

Progress! I worked with Dave Rose all weekend starting on Friday to get the suspension set up right for the Continentals. I still had some trouble with the soft compounds, but I did get closer to the pace that I want to be running. Got second in Thunderbike on Sunday as well as a 4th in Heavyweight Superbike. Still got more work to do. My motor is done and ready to go in the bike, so it'll be in there for Pueblo barring any dyno mishaps... Some picks that Roberta took. Thanks Ro! Sorry for the short post...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Round 2, May 21-22, PPIR

Well, round 2 was at Pikes Peak International Raceway. A lot of people are not into racing this track as it's a NASCAR oval with a real short infield track. Last year I had a really good weekend at PPIR so my hopes were high. Unfortunately things didn't quite come together as I'd like. I struggled a little with grip from the rear tire and my confidence wasn't where it really needed to be. Friday practice was pretty uneventful, spent most of the day getting used to the track and trying to set the bike up for the fairly slippery track.

Saturday, with confidence down, I pushed on and got a 8th in Middleweight Supersport, and 5th in Heavyweight Supersport.
Sunday was only marginally better. I got a 4th in Thunderbike and 5th in Heavyweight Superbike.

Now it's time to work on getting the new motor all together for round 3 back at HPR.