Friday, July 15, 2011

Round 4, Pueblo, July 9-10

Ahh Pueblo... I have serious demons at this track these days. I decided to only go and race on Sunday for this round since I really didn't want to ride the track as it's in such poor shape. So, I went down Saturday night and pitted with my buddy John Burr (Viva la Walnut Room!!) to ride just on Sunday. I had to keep my points up in Thunderbike if I had any chance at the championship. Even though I was only there for one day it was still a shit show. John and I went out first thing Sunday morning for practice and about 6 laps in his bike showered his rear tire with oil sending him in the air onto his head, out cold, good concussion, end of the day for him. Luckily I didn't hit the oil that was all over the track at turn 7 (Keith Easton wasn't so lucky, but he and his bike were ok). The second practice was ok, I felt like I was familiar with the track to do ok in the races. Thunderbike came and I didn't have anything for Lansu or Galefke, but was able to get a solid 3rd place, so it kept me in the points. After lunch and a long rain delay I raced a shortened to 5 laps Heavyweight Superbike race and got 4th. All in all it was an ok day even though the track is bumpy and slick and I couldn't get any grip out of the rear tire. Round 5 is at HPR in a few weeks and I'm making some changes that I'm confident will pick up my pace and get me to the speed I need to make a good push for the championship in Thunderbike. Here's a few pics that Lacy took in the pits...

Oh yeah... and the motor ran strong, no issues! Gotta thank Kevin at Foothills, Bart at Faster, and Norm at Snug Harbor, for that! Thanks for all your help guys!


A couple of shots Lacy took of the van at Pueblo. Love my 69 Chevy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

No boom this time, thank god!

New motor is in and dyno'd. Made good numbers. Ready for Pueblo and to get Fish's bike back together.