Monday, October 18, 2010

A few more pics from the final round.

Thanks Chadwick for the track shots and Tally for the pit shot!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 Amateur GTU Champion!!!

First off, riding injured SUCKS!
Last round of the season, HPR Oct. 8-9. My fingers are still fully broken. The bones in the tips of my ring and index finger as well as my thumb on my right hand (throttle and brake, great) are in pieces still. I managed to cobble the bike together with a shitload of help from Dave over at SpeedMetal. He had a hell of a time straightening the sub-frame that folded up in the crash at Pueblo, but the guy's a fucking metal wizard and made straight again! Thanks Dave! I owe Swift a big thank you too for letting me use his shop to rebuild and helping when my sausage fingers wouldn't work. Thanks Swift!
Anyway, I get the bike together and rideable to make the weekend. I skip Friday practice wanting to just save any finger strength I'm gonna have and spend the day trying on everyone's spare gloves! Jason Curdy had a pair of XL A* gloves that worked great, just big enough for my swollen fingers to fit in, thanks Jason!
So I practice 2 of the 3 sessions on Saturday morning and start figuring out how to ride with my fingers jacked up. I went out in Heavyweight Endurance and just used it as practice because I had a pretty comfortable 3rd place in the championship. I ended up finishing in 8th knowing I was off pace because of my hand.
When I got up Sunday morning it was raining and cold, great. I miss all of morning practice because of the rain and getting my rain tires mounted to late. I didn't sign up for Middlewieght superbike because I wanted to only do what I needed to for AmU. So, the first lap I turned on Sunday was the warm up lap for the AmU race. I got a so-so start and ended in 5th at turn 1. I knew I had to beat Wyeth and at least stay with Grubbs if I wanted the championship, and the both were ahead of me. I watched Grubbs eek out a lead and Wyeth fell back, but by the time I got around her Grubbs had checked out, and I physically couldn't run the pace. I had a good battle with Scarberry that he ended up winning. I ended up in 6th place at the end, but got the championship win by 1 point. 1 POINT!!
Thank you goes out to:
Lacy, Fish, Swift and Chris (Wolf Bigade!!!), all the sponsors, friends and family that made it out, and the whole MRA crew! Thank You!!!

More pics to come later!!

Trying to forget Pueblo. Round 7, Sept 18th and 19th.

The track was super dirty and bumpier than ever. It's falling apart. It was really difficult all weekend. I made it through Friday practice, Heavyweight Endurance on sat with a 6th place. Sunday I made it through Middleweight Superbike in 12th, and crashed during the first lap of AmU, resulting in a 17th place finish, cutting my points lead from 15 to 5. Ended up in the ER with 2 broken fingers, and a broke and dislocated thumb. Fuck.