Friday, September 30, 2011

Mustache that didn't work at all...

Here's the damn mustache that I grew to help me beat Pat Lansu.

It didn't work at all. His mustache kicked mine's ass. Damn it! I guess he's had his longer so it possesses more power. Next year Pat!

Round 7, PPIR, Sep 17-18

Back down to Pikes Peak International Raceway for round 7. Last time I was down here, earlier in the season I didn't have the best round, see round 2. This time was better. I didn't ride on Friday just because the budget is totally shot this year by this point. Saturday morning practice will have to do! Practice was good, I got up to a decent pace pretty quick, already better than last time! The Middleweight Supersport race was a lot of fun, I just held off Keith Easton and took 4th place. The Heavyweight Supersport race was next and I had a good run and found myself in 3rd, but then on about the 3rd lap I lost my left contact and it totally fucked me. All my depth perception was shot and Keith, who I had been holding off, came easily around after watching me totally botch almost every corner. I stayed on and finished the race just incase anything happened up front that might put me back on the podium, but it didn't and I finished in 4th. Best finishes yet in the Supersport classes!
Sunday was a replay of every Sunday this season Thunderbike- lousy start, heavy battle through the traffic in the first few corners, just in time for Pat Lansu to get away and win and I take a lonely second... Heavyweight Superbike- ok start just to get passed by by Lansu and watch him, Turpin and Moham run away. Except this time Rick Gross got away with them, Moham retired from mechanical problems and Turpin let Lansu win so I'd get bumped down to 4th from 3rd in the points for the season, kinda crappy.
Round 7 ends up being the last round of the season as the club decided to cancel round 8 rather than run it and loose more money from declining participation. So as the season ends, here's how I finished out in the points...
Thunderbike 2nd
Heavyweight Superbike 4th
Middleweight Supersport 4th
Heavyweight Supersport 4th
Not to bad I don't think for my first year running in all expert classes after being kicked out of amateur last year. Here's some pics again courtesy of Wicked Photo...

Round 6, HPR, Aug 27-28

Ok, long overdue write up... sorry.
Round 6 was another hotter than hell weekend out at High Plains Raceway. I got there Friday to practice and rode a half day in the afternoon, should've done the morning session because it was SO hot in the afternoon. Anyway, I got thought it even thought the bike was still running hot and I was having to top off the radiator after almost every session because it kept puking all the water out of the overflow every time I came in and shut the bike off. Luckily Saturday Dan "Otis" Turner loaned me a high pressure radiator cap that kept it from puking the rest of the weekend. Saturday I had a fun couple of races doing some battle with Zach Shearon in the Middleweight and Heavyweight Supersport races. I ended up in 6th in Middlewight and 5 in Heavyweight. The 5th place landed me in a teardown to see if my bike was leagal, and it is. They were checking for kit alternators that are illegal in the Supersport classes and my stock charging system was all there.
Sunday was where I really wanted to make something happen and try to run with Pat Lansu in both Thunderbike and Heavyweight Superbike. I tried my damnedest to stay with him, but him and that crazy fast Ducati superbike are way to fast... Got a second in Thunderbike and 4th in Heavyweight Superbike.
Off to Pikes next round I'll have another go at Pat! Here's some pics courtesy of John Chadwick (Wicked Photos).